You find it, we will negotiate it and close it - You get a Cash Rebate

Is it LEGAL for us to pay you?

Our Rebate Program has been around for 5 years.  Limited Real Estate Services - Read the Dept of Justice's opinion of the Rebate Program and how it effects buyers.  We pay you at least 1.5% of the sales price as a Cash Rebate at Closing (Rules Apply).

Certain States Ban Rebates but Georgia isn't one of those states.

Rebates make buying a Home or Commercial Property --- LESS Expensive!!

Consumers can save thousands of dollars.

Offering rebates and incentives is one way that Real Estate Brokers can compete for business, leading to lower prices for consumers.

Direct Link to US Department of Justice Documentation

How it works?

1.  You find the Property that you are interested in

2.  Contact Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Brokerage (ACREB) - we will arrange a showing of the property

3.  ACREB will guide you through the Letter of Intent process and negotiate a purchase and sales contract for you

4.  ACREB will guide you through the purchase process - zoning, financing, environmental testing and closing

5. ACREB will pay you the rebate once the deal has closed